Self-Care for Mamas

Dear mama,

How are you? If you are like me, you are feeling like you are drowning. Maybe you lost your job....maybe you are trying to work from home with your kids asking for constant snacks. Maybe you are feeling a bit like you lost your identity. The never ending tantrums....the constant needs...does it ever end!?

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed to say the least and I am finally putting my foot down. I need time. Time for just ME. No kids, no husband. No laundry to fold or dishes to wash. Just time to unwind. Please tell me I'm not alone?

I've decided to prioritize me.

Stress effects us deeply. Both physically and mentally, we are all not well right now. Its time to take some time to heal and become balanced again amidst this crisis.

What does this look like?

1. Taking time everyday to do yoga, go for a run or some physical activity that gets my heart pumping.

2. Doing something at the end of the day that relaxes my mind from the hectic day. Meditation, taking a bath, reading a book. Whatever helps!

3. Eating healthier. This will balance my hormones and allow my body to better fight the daily stress and any virus I may come in contact with. Anyone else digging into bags of M & M's on the daily? ugh.

4. Drinking less caffeine. Larger amounts of caffeine may make you irritable, sleepless, and may even trigger anxiety. Not ideal during a pandemic. But I don't judge mama, I know your are tired!

5. Watching less news. If you are like me bad news can be triggering. I see the death figures and I feel my chest instantly tighten. I feel like I can't breath and then the insomnia comes. Its just not healthy. I want to stay informed, without being anxious all the time.

I've rounded up some products I am putting in my cart RIGHT aid in this new found self-care during the COVID crisis. Feel free to do the same. Links below.

1. Super You Supplements - Moon Juice

2. Magnesi-Om - Moon Juice

3. Yoga in a Cup - Wylde One

4. Mindfulness for Mums - Izzy Judd

5. Meditation Pillow - Indigo

6. Muse Bath Ritual Salt Soak

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